We believe in a new kind of hospitality

Sustainable, adapted to today’s new world and consumers

  Disinfection is necessary but expensive when it is done by humans and chemical processes. As hygiene is the first requirement from travelers, owners have found success in terms of increased customer satisfaction when they can improve their disinfection practices and raise customer perception of cleanliness. Arkam offers an automated, chemical-free disinfection solution that kills viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces for the hospitality industry.


Enhance your room and business by offering Smart UV lighting aligned to today’s consumers’ needs

  • Restoring confidence
  • Bringing back customers
  • Attract new customers who want to reduce their ecological footprint
  • Strengthening and responsible branding for the consumers market
  • Increasing business resilience
  • Protecting crews
  • Increasing revenues



How does it work?


How does it work

  • Reassure your customers with the safest way to disinfect your hotels and rooms
  • Speed up the cleaning and disinfection process
  • Save cost, increase your revenue through directing more cautious clients to your business


Where to install arkam solutions?

Arkam hospitality solutions are designed to equip the following areas:
  • rooms
  • dining areas, lounges, lobby, vending machines, ballrooms
  • lifts
  • kitchens
  • SPA and pool areas
  • meeting & conference rooms
  • restrooms
Our solution is compatible with the Safe Travel from the World Travel Tourism Council


Why our solution is better than chemicals?

  • Better than traditional cleaning
  • Safer than any other UV lighting methods
  • Easy to implement: Start with one room, see the benefit, save time, increase revenue, win clients over your competition and deploy to all your hotel or hotels

Chemical vs UVC

For the US market, our patented products are proudly manufactured in the USA.US flag

A rational digitalized process

  • Arkam partners with your team to enhance your rooms and make customers feel safer when making their buying decision.
  • Our solution demonstrates better disinfection less harmful to the human body than any other chemical-based solution
  • With Arkam you can communicate during the sales process the fact that you have a better, safer solution.
  • Online buyers, as well as corporate contract negotiations, are more and more based on ESG and corporate responsibility



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